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BITCHIP a project with 6 ecosystems, Investment potencial, Profitable maximum investor. This video is a quick descriptions of the six ecosystems of the project.

BITCHIP is a project start-up of companies DECENTRALIZATION EXCHANGE LTD (known or understood as a project entrusted Investment affiliated company received DECENTRALIZATION EXCHANGE LTD). Was established on 31.03.2018 in the UK We are the company include computer scientists of and Entrepreneurs to invest in startups in Israel to put Blockchain in finance and business services, all members in the field of activities from science and technology, members globally with the Start-up genius brain leading digital money and finance industry.


We are community-centered, branding, product development and technology ecosystem 4.0. With the goal of winning investors, the winner wins and the company wins. In addition, the use of spin-offs in the global time zone of commission money is also very profitable (40% of the company’s profits to build and expand the system of digital money exploitation around the world, 40% of company profits will be paid to investors, 10% will be paid to employees and the operating costs of the company, 10% will be put in reserve for risk and development assistance.

Provides investors with the latest updates from the market, research papers, discussion of potential crypto coin.

The most technologically advanced and scalable platform.

Money can be withdrawn from ATM machines or swipe the card for payment at the cashier counters in More Than 150 Countries worldwide.
BCD is an entire application Supporting an Enabling auto-transaction and to have continuous auction. Integrates a wide range of BCD high-end technologies.
BITCHIP exchanges is built on a powerful system, prevent network attacks as well as make sure to meet future market demand. Allows convert fiat money crypto money. The process of identity verification (KYC) and withdrawals will be fastest on the market
Chanel and Coin News
News chanel and Coin
Provide investors get the latest update from the market, the article research, discuss potential co-crypto.
Financial Turnaround
Financial Turnaround
Each country has active working hours of the unit different transactions, as well as depending on the geographical location, will have different time (time zone). With our network of investors and partners worldwide government, BITCHIP optimization in the different markets.
Mining CHIP
BITCHIP has a startup company in Israel to do research and in association with Bitman, Samsung to release intelligent, modern and most advanced technology mining chips to optimize profit.
Running the project in the globe
July 2018
Trustee capital 20% for mining chip, 10% capital for bottrade, 10% financial rotation following global time zone.
Raise the capital bottrador
October 2018
Raise the capital bottrador to 20%
Start trading
January 2019
The international trading exchange begins trading
Collaborate with visa master card
February 2019
Completion of signing fund co-operation with visa master card to convert ATM from digital currency into cash.
Raise venture capital fund
May 2019
Raise the venture capital fund in israel 20 million usd.
Launches blockchain technology project
November 2019
Launch two blockchain projects of artificial intelligence technology with a target of capitalization value of $ 500 million.
Technology we use